Commitment To Safety


Quality, health, safety and environment are integral parts of all Triocean Drilling’s activities. We continually strive to create a safe and efficient workplace where there are no accidents and no one gets hurt.


At Triocean Drilling, we work systematically to continuously improve our performance, to comply with laws and regulations and to manage risk. We provide employees with the necessary resources, equipment and training to deliver according to their designated responsibilities.
We establish work processes, goals and performance indicators to control, measure and improve work performance, risk management and emergency preparedness.
We ensure that systematic verifications of the condition of the company’s assets, management system and barriers are carried out for all Century Drilling’s operations.


At Triocean Drilling, the paramount goal is – nobody gets hurt. To achieve this, all employees and everyone who works with us must demonstrate safe behavior every day. We take responsibility for our own and others’ safety through proper planning and implementation, and by taking the time to carry out the necessary inspections and maintenance.
We stop operations and immediately react to unsafe acts and conditions, and operate within the limits and capacity of the equipment.
We risk-assess our tasks and discuss them with everyone involved. If accidents should occur, we thoroughly investigate the reasons so to learn for the future.


At Triocean Drilling we strive for a healthy working environment which provides job satisfaction. We ensure that our workforce is fit for duty through the hiring process and during return-to-work after absence.
We aim for a safe and inspiring working environment characterized by mutual respect and cooperation.
We monitor our people’s health in job-related risks.


At Triocean Drilling we are working actively to achieve our goal of preventing accidental discharges and emissions. We apply efficient technologies to reduce the potential negative environmental impact of existing operations.
We implement measures to ensure that our operations are in compliance with internal and external requirements and the expectations of governmental authorities, customers and partners.
We ensure that emergency plans are in place to limit the harm to the environment in the event of an accidental spill.